How do i modify the menu UI

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i'm trying to add text to the system UI but i dont seem to have a grasp as to how, since system UI doesnt access spritestack i try to refer it to a UI system like this
module GamePlay
  class Menu < BaseCleanUpdate::FrameBalanced
   def create_graphics
   def create_moneyTP
  end end

and then make
module UI
  class PSDKTPMoney < SpriteStack
    def initialize
    add_text(0, 32, 320, 10, "idk", 0, 1)
  end end

but i always get a nil cant be coerced into integer error and basically im completely lost



Please make sure to send a full screenshot of your error window.  :)

1. Please make sure to check that tutorial made by Nuri Yuri:

2. Please make sure to always check how are made the PSDK UIs to understand how it works.
When you create a SpriteStack, you have to initialize it with some arguments. For a SpriteStack, you need at least the viewport.
For example with the GTS Button:

Viewport is given with x, y, and an empty variable called name.
You always need to use
super(viewport, x, y)
when you create a SpriteStack ("< SpriteStack") because it needs those arguments to be initialized.
super(xxxxx) is a way to send the variables to the Parent Class (here SpriteStack).
You should always check the PSDK documentation when you work on the code:

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