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Build PSDK under Linux

This page is for people using Debian Like Linux Distro. The procedure contain .deb files because the repo are slow to update the tool version. Install the necessary tools To install and compile the PSDK tools, you’ll need to run the following commands.Note : If you have issue with « sudo gem install rake rake-compiler » try […]

📅July 20, 2019 👨‍💼

Pokemon SDK wiki

MFGU PSDK : Making an Intro

How to make an Intro with PSDK ?
In this tutorial, we’ll see how to display a message, picture & choice. We’ll also see how to set the player appearance and its name.

📅July 9, 2019 👨‍💼

Pokemon SDK wiki

MFGU PSDK : The tools

Introduction Here’s the first tutorial in the MFGU PSDK series ! Previously in the introduction of PSDK I told what to Download, in this article, I’ll show you how to “install” what you downloaded and present the various interfaces. Install the basic tools After downloading the full package of PSDK & Ruby Host your folder […]

📅July 3, 2019 👨‍💼

Pokemon SDK wiki

Make a Fan Game Under Pokémon SDK : Introduction

The beginning of the tutorials about Making a Fan Game under Pokémon SDK

📅 👨‍💼

Pokemon SDK wiki

Alpha 25 is late

Post about PSDK Alpha 25 being late and what needs to be done for it.

📅June 8, 2019 👨‍💼

Alpha 25 Pokemon SDK


Hi, This week I started to reprogram the Pokémon SDK‘s Battle Engine. The objects relative to the battle will have their own classes “PFM::PokemonBattler” for the Pokémon and “Battle::Move” for the moves. This will allow to manage the properties that are only related to the battle (like the fact a Pokémon used Focus Energy). In […]

📅February 19, 2019 👨‍💼

Alpha 25 Pokemon SDK