MFGU PSDK : Making an Intro

📅July 9, 2019 👨‍💼

How to make an Intro with PSDK ?
In this tutorial, we’ll see how to display a message, picture & choice. We’ll also see how to set the player appearance and its name.

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MFGU PSDK : The tools

📅July 3, 2019 👨‍💼

Introduction Here’s the first tutorial in the MFGU PSDK series ! Previously in the introduction of PSDK I told what to Download, in this article, I’ll show you how to “install” what you downloaded and present the various interfaces. Install the basic tools After downloading the full package of PSDK & Ruby Host your folder […]

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Make a Fan Game Under Pokémon SDK : Introduction

📅 👨‍💼

The beginning of the tutorials about Making a Fan Game under Pokémon SDK

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