Build PSDK under Linux

📅July 20, 2019 👨‍💼

This page is for people using Debian Like Linux Distro. The procedure contain .deb files because the repo are slow to update the tool version.

Install the necessary tools

To install and compile the PSDK tools, you’ll need to run the following commands.
Note : If you have issue with « sudo gem install rake rake-compiler » try without sudo.

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
git clone
git clone

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential
sudo apt-get install -y ruby ruby-dev
sudo gem install rake rake-compiler

ruby -v
# ruby -v should show a Ruby version that is more or equal than Ruby 2.5.0
# If this is not, follow the tutorial on this page :
# But instead of setting Ruby 2.4 you set Ruby 2.5.x 

sudo dpkg -i PSDK-DEP/Fmod-for-PSDK.deb
sudo dpkg -i PSDK-DEP/SFML-2.5.deb

cd Ruby-Fmod
rake clean
rake compile
cd ..

cd LiteRGSS
rake clean
sudo rake compile
cd ..

Create a PSDK Project

To create a PSDK project you need to download the 7z PSDK file ending with “Linux” and extract it in a world writable directory using p7zip package.

Warning, this is not enough !
You now need to copy the file ~/LiteRGSS/lib/ and ~/Ruby-Fmod/lib/ in the project Root (where Game.rb can be found).

Start PSDK without terminal

Someone created a launcher : Game

Update PSDK

Use this tool : Updater

Pokemon SDK wiki