MFGU PSDK : The tools

📅July 3, 2019 👨‍💼


Here’s the first tutorial in the MFGU PSDK series !
Previously in the introduction of PSDK I told what to Download, in this article, I’ll show you how to “install” what you downloaded and present the various interfaces.

Install the basic tools

After downloading the full package of PSDK & Ruby Host your folder should looks like this :

Folder when archives are not extracted

You’ll extract the two archives using 7zip (not WinRaR, not WinZip, 7Zip). You can download 7zip here :

Extracting using Right click
How your folder should look like after.

Preparing Ruby Host

The first thing we’ll do is open Ruby Host to tell it the right folder.
Double click on Ruby Host.exe in the folder and ignore the Error message.

This only says the previous project is lost, we never made one so no problem 🙂

Click on the Open Button and select the Game.rxproj file from the Pokémon SDK full project folder :

If everything is fine, you should be able to open any editor (excluding Ability Editor since there’s no Ability Editor) and the Ruby Host Launcher should looks like this :

Updating PSDK

Now we’ll update Pokémon SDK. To update it you’ll open the Launcher (in the Full Project folder) :

The launcher

It will open a console that will display the progess and closes once done :

Update console

Once we updated PSDK we’ll check if there’s update instructions in the #new-release-info channel. We downloaded Alpha 24.28 in this example so we’ll check all the instructions from Alpha 24.29 to the last version.

Here’s some instructions !

We’ll follow the instructions given (extract the .7z file in Graphics/Interface).
Note : Depending on when you download PSDK the instruction can be different.

Putting PSDK in English

First thing to do is downloading translate.rb inside your plugins folder (click on translate.rb to download the file).

translate.rb in the plugins folder

Second thing, you’ll make sur RPG Maker XP is closed!

Third thing you open cmd.bat and write Game --util=translate

Result of writing Game --util=translate in cmd.bat

Fourth thing, you’ll open the Game.rxproj file corresponding to your RPG Maker Version. If the operation has correctly been a success, you should see this in the event tab : (common event 5)

Speak to follower common event

Now your PSDK project is correctly set up !
You’ll be able to make your PSDK project using RPG Maker XP.

In the next tutorial

In the next tutorial I’ll be covering the following points :

  • Create the intro event
    • Show a choice
    • Show the current Key Binding
    • Choose the player appearance (like in Sumo)
    • Warp to the player’s house

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